Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions to answer basic topics related to our fundraising cards. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to CONTACT US.

What is the minimum amount of cards my group can order?
The minimum order is 100 cards. Attracting quality, local merchants takes a bit of time and resources to accomplish so therefore we have set the minimum order at 100.

Do we have to pay for the coupon cards in advance?
If you provide us with a school purchase order or a non profit exemption certificate then NO. Many groups are literally starting with nothing. We will work with your group by providing you with the cards free of charge in advance so you may pay from the proceeds. This makes it a "zero out of pocket" fundraiser for your group. We do however, offer additional promotional discounts if cards are purchased in advanced.

Can we return any unsold cards?
Yes. Unsold cards may be returned. You will only pay for what you do not return. We will work with your group to decide how many cards are right for your group and help motivate your group to make that goal. We assume the risk and liability.

How long does it take to get our cards?
Anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks. Filling the card with area merchants is labor intensive and we need time to connect with the merchants and prepare the art.

Who gets the coupon offers for the card? will hand select merchants for your fundraising card. Your group may make recommendations as to who you would like to see on your card and we will do our best to get them on board.

What types of merchants will we see on our card?
Everyone likes to dine, plus restaurant coupons offer some of the best values and are the most popular used by the card holder. So we try to get around two thirds restaurants. The remaining spots may include a good mix of coupons blended for both men and women. Popular merchants will include hair salons, oil change, bowling, fitness clubs, bait shops, miniature golf and more. Since we cater pretty much to the youth fundraising sector, we will not place any "distasteful" coupons that do not blend with your groups mission statement and core values.

Can we choose which merchants go on our card?
Not exactly. When we approach a merchant to participate, we have no way of knowing if they will come on board with the program. Each group is different and usually has different demographic territories. If you have a list of merchants you would like to see on your coupon card, we encourage using them first. It makes getting the merchants easier if they have some connection with your group. If for some reason, there is a particular merchant you wish excluded from your coupon card due to your organizations core values, just let us know. There are plenty of other merchants more than willing to participate for a FREE coupon on your fundraising card.

What type of coupon offers will we see on our card?
That varies. Anything from free appetizer with entree purchase, buy one get one half off, buy one get one free, % off and dollar value off. It is a pretty good mix offering extreme value to all card holders. We want your group and the card holder to get the most value from their coupon card. It is our goal to have each group we represent extremely happy with the value of our cards, after all, our name is on it too. To protect our reputation, we are not afraid to pass on "trivial" coupon offers that some merchants try to place.

Will we see the fundraising card before it is printed?
YES. We will provide a full color proof for your group to review. This way you can double check your grammar, spelling and to make sure your cause is listed in a way that will best get your mission statement across. We will be responsible to make sure the merchants are listed properly.

My child's friend is doing their own type of fundraiser. My group is worried about our market being over saturated.
It is's goal to have you succeed in your most profitable fundraiser ever. If you are not successful, we are not successful. The last thing we want is to have multiple fundraising groups compete against each other. That is counter productive. Therefore, it is our commitment, and our promise to only sign on with a single fundraising group per zip, per 6 month period. That is our promise! To help your group further, once your group is signed on, you have our promise that you will get first crack to renew! Your sign on will give your group unlimited "right of first refusal". We find that working with the same group year after year promotes the most profitable form of fundraising.

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